16th-century Peru.

Ten-year-old Tepulpai and his best friend Naïra live happily in their village in the Andes mountains.

Then, one day, an Incan overlord arrives to collect taxes. The tax collector confiscates the village’s sacred idol to present as an offering to Inti, the great Incan Sun God. The village is devastated: the statue has always protected them! But, for Tepulpai, it’s a chance to show what he is made of! Secretly, he leaves the village and sets off in search of the idol—which soon becomes his people’s only hope, as a new danger approaches from across the seas…


Director: Juan Antin
Writers: Juan Antin, Patricia Valeix, Olivier de Bannes, Nathalie Hertzberg
Delegate Producers: Folivari, O2B films, Doghouse Films, Kaibou Productions
Co-producers: Haut et Court distribution, Blue Spirit Studio
Broadcasters: Canal+, OCS
Theatrical Release: 12 décembre 2018
Running time: 80 minutes
French Distributor: Haut et Court distribution
International sales: SC Films International