Director: Stephen Cafiero

Authors: Stephen Cafiero, Olivier de Bannes

Associate production company: CantoBros

Executive producer: Olivier de Bannes

Broadcasters: Canal +, Planet +

Release year: 2012

Running time: 52 minutes

International seller: Upside


In Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and cradle of Catalan nationalism, two football clubs have been bitter rivals for more than a century. Two clubs that, since their inception, represent two very different views of Catalan identity: the separatist FC Barcelona and the apolitical Espanyol. Here, as in Manchester and Milan, you are born into one clan or the other, destined to become a Culès (a Barça supporter) or a Perico (an Espanyol fan).

For 100 years, this football rivalry has reflected tensions in Catalan history: from the region’s fall from grace under Franco, through its incessant identity struggles, through the birth of a recognized Catalan independence movement. And, for more than a century, the Barça and Espanyol clubs and their fans have invented their own codes and customs, their own heroes and their own legends of victory and defeat — which, whether they realize it or not, are often linked to Catalan politics.