Director: Bernard Faroux

Authors: Bernard Faroux, Olivier Wicker

Associate production company: CantoBros

Executive producer: Olivier de Bannes

Broadcasters: Canal +, Planet +, ITV

Release year: 2010

Running time: 52 minutes

International seller: Upside


Eric Cantona takes us on a tour of Manchester and introduces us to two rival groups of fans as the city gears up for a major match. As the big day approaches, tensions grow. On the streets, in pubs, outside a concert hall, and at the stadium, Eric talks to fans and listens to their stories. And it becomes clear this passion is not just about football — it’s about the history of Manchester: its culture, people, and economic struggles, which all forged the image of the clubs. The documentary looks to explain how the identity of the fans and the clubs is constructed from both the real rivalry on the pitch as well as the mythology written outside the stadium. And how the “stories we tell” become part of our identities.