Director: Bernard Faroux

Authors: Bernard Faroux, Olivier Wicker

Associate production company: CantoBros

Executive producer: Olivier de Bannes

Broadcasters: Canal +, Planet +

Release year: 2011

Duration: 52 minutes

International sales: Upside


In Milan, the financial and industrial capital of Lombardy, two rival football clubs have been slugging it out for over a century — clubs that, since their inception, have come to represent two very different ideas of Italy. In Milan, like in Manchester, you are born into one side or the other: you are either Rossoneri or Nerazzurro. Destined to wear either the black-and-blue of Inter or the black-and-red of Milan AC.

Eric Cantona takes us on a journey to explore these two clubs, whose fans go back generations and who each firmly believe their club represents what it means be truly “Italian.” This rivalry and debate, which lately became even more heated, rages at every game played in their shared stadium: the legendary Giuseppe Meazza arena in the San-Siro district.