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Director: Marianne Lessard

Author: Marianne Lessard

Executive Producer: Olivier de Bannes

Broadcaster: Planet +

Release year: 2017

Running time: 52 minutes


Women’s liberation — a recent phenomenon in the scheme of things — is not just about the liberation of a woman’s body, it’s also about her right to display it. And, over the last 20 years, a new type of woman has appeared on the scene: one who’s not afraid to show off her body, or dress in a way that gets her noticed. Inspired by the iconography of the “pin-up,” the “vamp,” and the “demi-mondaine,” this woman is often pejoratively referred to as a “pétasse” in French (the creative equivalent of a “slut” in English), which, in the 19th century, the golden age of brothels, was used to mean a part-time prostitute.